Sera Finisher

It is ideal for removing burrs such as garage kits, and erasing and parting lines on plastic models.

While the thickness of the ceramic glaze is 1.5 mm, the thickness of ceramic finisher is 0.4 mm and 
4 mm in width, making it possible to process delicately.

Both straight and round blades can be used.
Loosen and remove the tip in the manner of the design knife, attach the blade for use upward and close it.

Cutting edge Ceramic handle Stainless steel
Total length about 139mm
Cutting edge 12 mm
Cutting edge width 4 mm 
Cutting edge thickness of 0.4 mm
· This product is for delicate work, so it may be broken if you put effort or pry off.
・ Protect the hands and eyes with gloves, safety glasses, and goggles, as the ceramic blade may be chipped during work.
・ Ceramics may be chipped by impact, so be careful not to drop or hit hard objects.
· Heating the ceramic will lower its strength and make it more susceptible to breakage. Please avoid heating.
・ Do not use for applications other than deburring and chamfering.