Primary Color Pigments

"Mr. color color source" is a paint additive that has been adjusted in density so that the three primary colors "cyan", "magenta" and "yellow", which are raw materials for Mr. color, can be mixed with Mr. color with high purity. . "Mr. Color No. Source" does not contain a pigment (white or black) that increases the general surface hiding power, so it can not be used in the same way as other hobby paints as a single substance, but the color tone of the existing color Can be fine-tuned without turbid, candy paint with bright color to take advantage of high color transparency, and bright metallic color toning that was impossible with the existing clear color, beautifully toned color When mixed with the GX-100 Super Clear III, it can be used as an original clear color that can be painted on clear parts. Please try "Mr. Color Nogen", which enables color expression beyond the common sense of conventional hobby paints.