PC Prasapo

by Wave

The “Prasapo” series is very useful for the production and remodeling of movable joints such as character models as a receiver of polycap parts. Following the first installment centered on the well-received movable shaft support parts, the second installment of polycap parts covers and joint shafts will finally appear.
By using this set, you can easily hide the joints of polycaps that you do not want to expose, and you can also make sliding joints to expand the range of movement without any difficulty.

 This product is used in combination with the “PC Series” manufactured by Wave. Please purchase the PC series separately.

■ PC-02 plastic support 1 (for 2mm poly cap)
■ PC-03 plastic support 1 (for 3mm poly cap)
■ PC-04 plastic support 1 (for 4mm poly cap)
■ PC-05 plastic support 1 (for 5mm poly cap)