Magic File

◎ Amazing cutting ability

Ordinary water-resistant paper will lose its cutting ability when used several times, so it must be replaced frequently.

The magic file solves that annoyance.

Magic file has a kneading agent in a special material, so the cutting ability lasts for a long time.

I checked how strong the magic file special material is.

If you want to break one Magic File vertically, you need a lot of power.

In terms of experience, it is a feeling that requires more power than stacking five sheets of water resistant paper No. 400.

This hard-to-break special material guards the abrasive firmly, so the cutting ability lasts for a long time.
It is possible to treat a considerable number of kits with one magic file.
We will free you from the hassle of changing water-resistant paper frequently.

◎ Easy one-touch attachment

Ultra-thin Velcro holds the Magic File firmly.
Installation and removal is one-touch , so you don't have to worry about sticking or peeling with double-sided tape.

The patented Velcro tape is ultra-thin.
Because it is not fluffy like normal Velcro, you can file with high surface accuracy.

Please look at the magic file. Although it looks only flat, it has become an ultra-fine magic tape.
I enlarged it with a macro photo to compare it with normal Velcro, but I can't see any protrusions.
Believe it or not, this will hold the file sheet tightly.

◎ Resistant to washing and high durability

If clogging deteriorates due to clogging, wash with water.
Since the abrasive does not peel off even after washing with water, it can be used any number of times.
Magic file does not use adhesive and is integrated with Velcro, so it is not affected by water sharpening or washing.
* If the sharpness does not improve after washing, replace the seat.

Recommended for those seeking a sharper file than regular water-resistant paper.

Recommended for those who want durability that can be used for a long time without having to replace it many times.

Recommended for those who want to improve modeling time efficiency with sharpness and durability.