Bibi-Onigiri Metal File

Expires single rasp in the popular gotten to that second generation Oniki, thin blade Oniki followed by, 
as it is the sharpness of Oniki, more thinner, more maneuverability hear the rasp of, fine and beautiful cutting skin, 
rather than sharpen single eyes off  We have developed a file- scissor. 

The size is about 2.8 mm in width, about 1.2 mm in thickness 
, 150 mm in length, and 150 mm in length, and 40 mm in length of the blade, taking the flat type as the smallest in the history of CERIZ as an example.

Please see the beautifully lined cutting edges by hand by Japanese file craftsmen. 
The image is enlarged, but the width is about 2.8 mm and the thickness is about 1.2 mm. 
There are many double-sided precision files of this size, but the Mimimisan has adopted a single eye in search of the beauty of the shavings. 

The file part is thin and delicate, but like the traditional demons, the cutting blade bites into parts and has high cutting ability. 
Despite its cutting ability, the shavings are smooth thanks to the single eye.

Please look at the shape and scraped the skin of each file. 
The image is enlarged but the width is about 1.5 mm to 3 mm. 
You can see that the cut skin is smooth even with this enlarged image. 

Cutting surface from the 

side Cutting surface from above