2019 Bracket Challenge Rules

Welcome to the Newtype Bracket Challenge 2019. This is a competition run by you, our customers. The competition will be a bracket tournament where builders will face off against each other with winners decided by popular vote. The subject of this year’s competition is the mass-produced, utilitarian OZ-06MS Leo. We want to see where you can take the most gruntiest of grunt suits. We will be awarding over $1000 in prizes with 1st place winning a $600 gift card to our store. 

But wait, there’s more! This competition is not only for builders but fans too. Like the other more famous sports bracket tournament, we will be running a pool alongside the bracket competition. As a fan, you fill out your own bracket, picking winners in each round. The fan with the scoring the most picks will win a $100 gift card to our store. 

Registration starts today and final builds are due April 30, 2019. Official rules are below for both contests. As a bonus, you can get a HGAC Leo from our store for 15% off with BRACKETLEO. Good luck and let’s get building!

Official Rules

  • What qualifies as an entry in the builder competition:
    • An entry is a finished model, display or diorama built from a HGAC Leo kit or variant. Variants include the HGBD Leo NPD, the HGAC Leo Space Type and the HGAC Leo Flight Type.
    • An entry can be made of multiple Leos, but it cannot have any other mobile suits/mecha as part of the result.
    • Customizations and modifications are allowed as long as the result is clearly identifiable as a Leo. For example, taking a Leo head and placing it on a Gundam Unicorn will disqualify your entry.
    • Non-mobile suit/mecha kits or parts can be part of the entry to help with the display. However, on balance, the Leo should be the main focus.
    • To give all entrants the same amount of build time, an entry cannot be a completed or work-in-progress build of a Leo. Leos that were simply snapped together without any paint work or customization will be accepted. If it is discovered that your entry was started before the start of this competition, your entry will be disqualified.
    • Finally, if there is any questions or doubt about whether or not your entry qualifies, please contact challenge@newtypehq.com for clarification. There is no sense in building something that will get disqualified.
  • How to enter the builder competition (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):
    • All submissions will be sent to challenge@newtypehq.com. In all emails, you must put "2019 Bracket Challenge" and your name in the subject line separated by a colon. For example:
2019 Bracket Challenge: Meijin Kawaguchi
    • If you do not follow this exactly, your submission may be lost. All emails sent correctly will receive a confirmation of receipt.
    • To register, send 1 photo of with yourself, a brand new Leo kit and a screen (like your phone) displaying our Instagram page. Your kit can be snapped together, but no finishing details applied including panel lining, decals and paint.
    • To submit your entry, send exactly 5 photos of your final build. Make sure the photos are not touched up or modified in any way. Photos discovered to be edited will disqualify your entry. 
    • To complete your submission, along with your 5 build photos, send 1 photo of you next to your build. This will verify ownership.
    • Entries must be received by end of day April 30, 2019.
    • Upon submission of your entry, entrants may be asked to supply work-in-progress photos to back up their work. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • The bracket (builder) competition:
    • Upon receipt of all entries, Newtype will select the entries that will take place in the bracket competition.
    • The number of entries selected for the bracket will be determined by the total number of entries received and the ability to generate a balanced bracket (ie, 16, 32, 64, etc). For example, if we receive 80 entries, Newtype will pick 64 entries to enter into the bracket.
    • Once selected, entries will be seeded and placed in a bracket.
    • The bracket competition will begin on May 6, 2019.
    • For each round of competition, all matchups will be displayed as polls on Newtype’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for 24 hours.
    • At the end of 24 hours, the results of the polls will be added up to determine a winner of each matchup who will move on to the next round of the bracket.
    • The number of rounds will be determined by the number of entries and the size of the bracket.
    • This competition is a single elimination bracket. If your entry loses a matchup, then your entry was eliminated from the competition. The only exception is the 2nd to last round where the losers of those matchups will face each other in a consolation round to determine a 3rd place winner.
    • The competition will be finished when a single entry is left after all other entries have been eliminated.
    • 1st place will be awarded to the entry that wins the final matchup.
    • 2nd place will be awarded to the entry that loses the final matchup.
    • 3rd place will be awarded to the entry that wins the consolation matchup.
  • The pool competition:
    • Once Newtype has announced the bracket, we will post up the bracket for download at a TBD location.
    • To enter, entries fill out the bracket, picking who they think will win each round. Email a photo or scan of the filled out bracket to challengepool@newtypehq.com.
    • Entries will be accepted until until May 12, 2019.
    • Scoring will be compressed of one point for each correct pick in the first round, two points in the second round, four points in the next round, with each round worth double previous round.
    • Each person who enters must keep track of their own entry. At the end of the bracket competition. Each person who enters must send a final email or scan of their bracket with the winners circled and their points totalled. Newtype will verify the entry by comparing it against the first email and the entry with the most points (not necessarily the most correct picks) will be deemed the winner.
  • The prizes:
    • 1st place builder wins a $600 USD gift card to Newtype.
    • 2nd place builder wins a $300 USD gift card to Newtype.
    • 3rd place builder wins a $150 USD gift card to Newtype.
    • The winner of the pool competition will win a $100 USD gift card to Newtype.
    • Other prizes may be announced in the future.
  • Other rules:
    • Open to entrants worldwide.
    • Only one entry per person.
    • No purchase necessary.
    • Open to anyone age 18 and over.
    • Void where prohibited by law.
    • Entrant must obey local and country laws.
    • By entering the competition, you grant Newtype the unrestricted, royalty-free, perpetual right to use, reproduce, communicate, modify and display the works (in whole or in part) for any purpose without any fee or other form of compensation, and without further notification or permission.
    • Newtype reserves the right to modify the rules at any time.